Medbury School

At Medbury we know what it takes to make the boys happy and how to unlock their true potential. Medbury School has an outstanding history of educational, cultural and sporting excellence and provides and environment where boys thrive, guided by firm boundaries, clearly defined requirements, and exceptional peer support. International Boarding at Medbury provides an entry into an exciting and welcoming extended family. The Boarding House provides a welcoming home from home for up to 43 boys, with freshly cooked meals, relaxing times in the social room and organised social activities. The dedicated boarding team ensures that every boy receives the attention and support he needs to flourish. Medbury offers your son a host of diverse and stimulating activities and excellent facilities to ensure that he will never have a dull moment, whilst fostering an interest in learning that will last him a lifetime.

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Contact Person:
Rachelle Mathews
(+64) 3 351 6169
109 Clyde Road, Fendalton, Christchurch