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Ask Christchurch Educated

This resource has been designed as a one-stop-information-shop for all of the who? where? what? why? and how? questions you may have about Christchurch.

The simple, easily navigated online resource has been designed to provide answers to all of your queries regarding the city, its resources, facilities and people who live here. Links will take you to sites that will provide real-time, accurate information designed to smooth your transition and enhance your stay.

Using This Resource

This resource has been designed as an online interactive resource which you can access from any mobile device or PC at any time. If you are out and about and want to check out something, information is right there.
The device you are using will be recognized and the information provided in a format designed for that device.

You may wish to read content on your PC or print off information – but it is designed for you to use at any time from a mobile device.

From your mobile device you can:

Select information required from contents
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