Student Stories


Let us introduce you to some of our current and past students.

Every student has a story – where they come from, where they want to go and why they chose Christchurch to play a part in their life journey.

Natsaran Choihiran


I came here with my family and we thought it was a beautiful country. I decided to return to study and chose Lincoln High School because of the quiet rural country location. I love the quiet environment, it is really good for studying. I also enjoy the relaxed pace of life and the choices available at school, especially graphics.

Paul Cheng


I enjoy social activities such as the international night, cooking classes and sports events which are organised by Lincoln University’s Student Association (LUSA). “I enjoy the interaction with people of all walks of life”.

Cici Huang


Our studies were both indoors and outdoors, which I liked.The small classes mean you are able to interact with each other and your lecturer more, which is not something you’d easily get in a big class environment.I had an awesome time and met a bunch of great people.I studied hard and also had a great social life to balance it up.

Ayaka Urushihara


I like Christchurch because it is similar to my hometown. I can relax here. I have enough time to study and people are very friendly.

Ting Fu Chen


I like small cities that’s why I chose Christchurch. It is quiet and not crowded.

It is easy to move around. People are very helpful.

Kat Timmerhaus


After school, I had a lovely family to come home to: my host dad, my host mum, and my host sister.  I knew I would love them from the beginning. They were so welcoming and kind hearted from the first minute. For some people it might seem impossible to call people you just met a few months ago your family, but with this family it’s the most natural thing to do.

Aamir Al-Toubi


After eight years studying at UC, I actually think of New Zealand as my second home now. Kiwis are such welcoming, warm and laid back people. I’ve felt entirely comfortable being myself here – even though my culture as a Muslim Arab is very different.