Ways to deal with homesickness

16 Aug Ways to deal with homesickness

I have noticed that a lot of Indians get easily plagued with homesickness after staying here for a while. 

I think one of the main reasons could be that Christchurch is pretty far away from India . Also there is quite a big difference  in terms of the food that is available and the climate the city has to offer. Instead of trying to head back to India to try and cure your homesickness, here are some ways you can deal with it here in Christchurch:

(1) Engage with local Indian communities:  Get in touch with some of the Indian Communities out here – they will make you feel at home!
These links might help.

(2) Making use of cheap chat cards: Use cheap chat cards that are available for 5 NZD to connect with your loved ones back at home . You can use these cards for any phone. It could be your mobile phone or even public telephones. Just follow the instructions that are printed on the back of these cards. You will be given 5 minutes to complete your call. If you finish the call before 5 minutes I don’t think you will end up spending the entire 5 NZD. You will still have some money left in the card. It is a supremely economic way of connecting with family back home.

(3) Watch Bollywood films and regional Indian films in Christchurch : Because Christchurch has a sizeable Indian population, Bollywood films and even regional Indian films are played in the theatres out here almost every week. I have attached the links to the multiplexes where you might get to see these films.

(4) Go to the Indian Supermarkets here and cook yourself some good Indian food : While there are a lot of Indian restaurants out here, you might not exactly like the Indian food in the restaurants out here because it might not taste quite the way it does at home. It might also seem quite expensive. Instead, go to the Indian supermarkets and buy yourself the ingredients you need to conjure up some great ‘home-made’ Indian food. These places even sell Indian sweets. I am attaching the links of the two places I go to that sell great stuff at affordable prices.