The Future of Christchurch Educated

05 Sep The Future of Christchurch Educated

Christchurch Educated looks forward to a new future…

Since August 2015, the Leadership Accord has been
responsible for delivering the Canterbury International Education Strategy. The
Leadership Accord was made up of representatives from senior leaders
within the international education industry. Its key role was to oversee
the implementation of regional strategic projects including: The Christchurch
City Ambassador Programme, collaborative marketing activity in the P.R.China and
Vietnam and the Canterbury Job Ready Programme.

The funding sources for these activities included Education New Zealand, Christchurch Development Corporation (Now ChristchurchNZ), the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, ARA and the Canterbury Mayoral Forum.
Christchurch Educated as a member organisation has also been a participant of the Leadership Accord contributing to its achievements.

However, the funding which has underpinned the establishment of the Leadership Accord has recently undergone significant change.
Some of the changes are due to international education being part of the merger into ChristchurchNZ and the re-allocation of ENZ funding towards specific projects.
As a result of these funding changes, the Leadership Accord has now been de-established.

Consequently, the board of the Christchurch Educated is undertaking a review of the organisation’s mission and goals. As a standalone organisation with a vital membership base, the board is looking at how Christchurch Educated is best positioned to add value to its members, partner with ChristchurchNZ, support the international education industry and contribute to the economy of Christchurch and Canterbury.
The board absolutely believes that Christchurch Educated must continue in a manner which is both impactful and sustainable.

The board is currently developing a proposal which outlines Christchurch Educated’s renewed mission and key objectives. While preparing the proposal, the board will consider the organisation’s level of funding now and in the future, which currently is via its membership fees.

The board plans to consult with its members and seek feedback on the proposal. It is the board’s hope that together, we can set the new direction of Christchurch Educated. We look forward to engaging with you in this exciting journey.