Semillero Rural Scholarship students from Chile arrive

05 Jun Semillero Rural Scholarship students from Chile arrive

20 students from different regions of Chile started their 18 weeks English plus Agriculture programme on the 5th of March 2018 at the National Trade Academy.

The programme has been running since 2009 and is an integral part of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture’s opportunities for High School students from the Rural regions of Chile. After graduation the students have the opportunity to work on a NZ dairy farm to see for themselves how the NZ dairy farming system works and how technology can improve production. Past graduates have gone on to either further studies at University in Chile and or have gone on to work on Dairy farms to share their ideas and new knowledge.

Two of the recipients of the scholarship are Alexandra Mora Vidal and Mario Mancilla Tejeda.

Why did you choose this programme?

This is a very sought after opportunity. The government will provide scholarship for you to learn the skills to Dairy farm from the country that is number 1 for dairy production. Learning English is also very important to get jobs back home in Chile.

How do you get accepted?

You must work hard at school. The last four years are important, you must be good and get good grades. Have positive attitude towards change and be motivated. The Government only selects the best, many people want to go, only two from my school got to go (Alexandra) and 5 from Mario’s.

What is it like in NZ?

Very different, not so much the weather but the people, food and transport. There are less security people around and people are more friendly. You stay with New Zealand family and that helps with learning English faster as you get to chat all the time. You also get matched up with family that suits your interests/hobbies.

What else should people know when applying?

You will spend 1 year in NZ, then you must work in Chile on Dairy farm for 2 years. Government scholarship will pay for Fees, homestay, travel and some personal spending. You will need money for shopping and sightseeing. Don’t be afraid of change.

If you want, you can (Alexandra)