I’ve been ‘Lincoln-ed’ in Christchurch!

05 Sep I’ve been ‘Lincoln-ed’ in Christchurch!

This is my story of Christchurch – the City that turns your Dreams into Reality.

Studying in a classroom with a world-class professor, in a university which is located on 123 acres of land, I am not only learning the ‘subject’ but starting to  connect the dots and envision a bright future for myself in this city.

From what I have experienced so far, the quality of education at any level in Christchurch is phenomenal. The lectures I attend provide the information, but this information is transformed into real learning opportunities when I work on the associated assignments. For the first time in my life, I can say I actually enjoy doing “assignments” simply because it allows me to be creative, to demonstrate my skills, to think critically about things – it just seems to get the best out of me. I can see my perspective on certain things changing, and I feel like I’m taking big steps on the ladder of success.

These lectures and assignments not only provide learning and grades towards my qualification, but it’s helping me to be competitive in the vast talent pool this city has. Today when I face an interview, I am confident, and I know what points will get the recruiter’s attention. I am only in my second month at Lincoln University and already have a part-time job lined up. With the vast industry connections the university has, the in-house “CAREER HUB” helped me secure a 3-month full-time summer job in my field of interest. This is going to enable me to experience the New Zealand work culture, and I feel confident I will become more “JOB READY” from the experience. 

For those of you thinking about studying in New Zealand, the main thing I can tell you all in my two months’ experience at Lincoln University and being in this beautiful city of Christchurch, is don’t be afraid because there is so much support – in the form of lecturers, staff, fellow students, alumni and new friends. They’re here to guide you, whether it be with gaining work experience , completing assignments or just with personal support. 

On the 21st of June 2018, Christchurch welcomed me with open arms. Now it’s your time to experience the city and the World Class Education it provides. We can shape the future, and an experience here will shape yours. 

See you all in Christchurch!