International Night Food Market Kicks Off the New Semester

16 Aug International Night Food Market Kicks Off the New Semester

An event organized by University Of Canterbury’s international clubs to promote the campus’ rich diversity and to bring people together through food and amazing cultural performances. The event as part of UC Student Association’s Winterlude Orientation Festival and UC Diversity Week, was surely an unforgettable night of great food and awesome performances

Following the success of the UC Night Food Market 2016, the UC International Clubs came together once again to organize the International Food Market 2017. The event was organized by the representatives of the different UC International Clubs. 

Over 400 people came along to the dynamic Night Food Market at the University of Canterbury last Friday 28th of July. Nine international clubs at UC participated in this event and our Christchurch Educated International Student Ambassadors were a part of it. It was a night filled with food from all around the world and cultural performances that awed everyone.

Each club offered different dishes and everyone had a wide variety of food to choose from. The entertainments of the night were also diverse ranging from modern singers to cultural performances. Everyone was charmed and allured by the Malaysian and Indonesian students who performed their traditional dances. The dance performed by the Indian students was a fusion of modern day Bollywood and traditional styles. The highlight of the night was the Swarm Studio who captivated everyone by their powerful and enchanting performance. It was a truly great and unforgettable night for everyone.

“We believe this will also be an excellent opportunity for international clubs to showcase their respective cultures and introduce local students to a slice of their country’s uniqueness through food and cultural performance. Through this event, we were able to see the sharing of cultures through food. Food is an important aspect of culture and it was amazing to see friendships formed through that. For many students, the International Food Market was an avenue where they could be proud of sharing their culture as well as an eye opener to the diversity represented right here at UC. As for the clubs represented, it was wonderful to see people of different backgrounds helping each other, working together towards a common aim.”

Clarissa Robert J, president of UC Operation Friendship. 

“This is why we enjoy living in Christchurch, it is like living in a United Nations, where there is always opportunities to experience different culture and enjoy food through many culture celebrations, Chinese Lantern Festival, Indian Diwali Festival ect., you name it. Another highlight would be the Canterbury A&P Show, which you also have an opportunity to experience the kiwi culture as well.”

The nine clubs who participated in the event are:

Operation Friendship 

Canterbury Malaysian Students’ Association (CMSA)

University of Canterbury Global Society (UCGS)


UC Iranian Society (UCIS)

UC Spanish Club

UC Balangay

University of Canterbury Indian Students’ Association (UCISA)

Nusantara Student Association (NUSA)

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*Photos credit to: Operation Friendship