East Meets West: Bridging Cultures through Food and Games

19 Dec East Meets West: Bridging Cultures through Food and Games

Students gathered at the Rewi Alley Chinese School on a warm Sunday afternoon in August for the annual Dumplings and Spring Rolls Making event!

The event organized by our student association CEISA was back on again on the 27th of August! 43 students – both international and domestic, from Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region attended.

The event was organized by the Christchurch Educated International Student Association,  which focus on connecting students from other cultures and countries through sharing food and playing fun games! The event is planned and managed by a group of CEISA’s international student ambassadors, which they received event management training as part of professional development of being an international student ambassador.

“Good communication is the key thing to manage the work well with others ambassadors in our team. We started planning this event three weeks ago to make sure everything are well prepared without missing any important messages, everyone in our team had a task to organize this event, be managing volunteers, allocating budgets, communicating with registered students etc. it all worked well at the end, everyone is new to this, but we  these all made the events go through very well, that’s the key!” says Joanne Lee, Christchurch Educated International Student Ambassador

The event consists with two parts, students were taught to make dumplings and spring rolls as part of the cultural learning, after that, students were connected with an interactive game.

“It’s a very healthy activity for students to involve. Students could to have hands on experience to make dumplings, which is a Chinese traditional food. Students from different ethnicity also get to work together. This is a great fellowship for students, through this event, students could strengthen their friendship, develop a deeper appreciation towards multiculturalism and a deeper appreciation towards food!” says a student parent.

“It was such a nice event where you can attend to learn how to make dumplings as well as Vietnamese spring rolls. It is where you can learn and meet new people from different countries as well as cultural. I was so glad to came.” says student attendee

The event is sponsored by the New Zealand China Friendship Society as part of the society’s youth project initiative.

CEISA has a couple of other events lined up for the rest of the year, for example, planting day at the Ediable Garden and a day out for tramping at Taylor’s Mistake. Follow CEISA’s Facebook page: Christchurch Educated International Student Association for more information!