Christchurch city’s top nightlife hotspots.

19 Dec Christchurch city’s top nightlife hotspots.

Christchurch’s nightlife is booming with new clubs and bars that cater for any party animal. Here we will give you an insight on the top four inner city nightlife destinations, that will be perfect if you’re looking for a fun and wild night.

Empire Bar and Izakaya | 172 St Asaph St, Christchurch Central.

Empire Bar & Izakaya is one of the most popular destinations for party-goers looking for a crazy night out. Empire is dark and mysterious, with interior features that makes it feel like you’re partying in Japan! To really feel like you’re in Japan, you should definitely try one of their Japanese styled cocktails. Upstairs you’ll find their VIP bar / function room that has it’s own separate bar and looks over the crowds below – Perfect for birthdays or private functions. Empire is a totally indoor bar, so doesn’t cater well for smokers as you’ll have to stand back out on the street before reentering. Evening dress code applies. Best time to arrive to beat the line? 10pm

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Baretta | 174 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central.

Right next door we have Baretta, an Italian inspired sophisticated restaurant and bar that offers an unique indoor and outdoor flow, with spacious floor space as well as the well designed courtyard area that is decorated with colourful lightbulbs hung around the trees.  Baretta is a popular choice for those looking for somewhere that has a relaxed atmosphere, great selection of music as well has the option to enjoy some fresh air outside in the courtyard or to party hard indoors by the bar. This option is more suitable to smokers with easier access to the outdoor courtyard. A popular choice during the summer time when the warmer weather starts arriving. Evening dress code applies. Best time to arrive to beat the line?  10pm

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Engineers | 178 Asaph Street, Christchurch Central

Right next door again we arrive at Engineers. If you’re studying engineering at university then just the name of this bar may just have you hooked. As Christchurch’s only rooftop bar, this is a popular destination for those looking to have a different nightlife experience. Their interior suits the name of this bar, with metal poles, simplistic lightbulbs and the use of natural brick that really brings out the industrial feel. The indoor and outdoor flow caters well for smokers or for those who want to relax after hitting the dance floor. Although Engineers is a smaller venue compared to Empire and Baretta, it’s still a great spot to visit if you want to enjoy a great night out. Evening dress code applies. Best time to arrive to beat the line? 10-10.30pm

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Stranger & Co. | 89 Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central

Also know as Strangers Lane, this nightlife hidden gem is a short walk from our other destinations located on St Asaph Street (6 minutes according to Google maps!) Known for its fried chicken waffles and curly fries during the day, Stranger & Co creates cocktails using moonshine, in keeping with its old American style offerings. Stranger & Co is a relaxed, social venue that has a good indoor/ outdoor flow between bars, although due to the narrow space of the courtyard this can get crowded early on in the night. Strangers also has two different function rooms available for hire, great for birthdays or private events, that you can enquire about on their website – Casual/ evening dress code applies. Best time to arrive to beat the line? Anytime! Stranger & Co. doesn’t experience high waiting times.

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