Christchurch: A City of Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

05 Sep Christchurch: A City of Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

ChristchurchNZ is leading the transition from recovery to a 21st century economy –in the most modern city in the world. Christchurch is committed to becoming carbon neutral and we are embracing future technologies in the areas of future transport, future foods, Antarctica and space technology, technical adventure clothing, social enterprise – we are open for business and making strong strides in these areas.

Not only is New Zealand considered as a destination that encourages independent thinking and problem solving (TNS, 2016), but New Zealand has been ranked number one in the world for teaching future focused skills (The Economist, 2017).  New Zealand education is more than world class – it’s world leading!  

Developing 21st century stills doesn’t end with our education providers. Students are looking for a destination that offers off-campus experiences and connections providing students with the skills they need to be global citizens.

Christchurch City is working on several initiatives to bring advanced industries and education providers together to deliver a 21st century educational experience.  Offering opportunities for entrepreneurs, talented graduates and international businesses to link to our advanced industries.  

Future of Transport

In partnership with the University of Canterbury, ChristchurchNZ secured a Zephyr Airworks project to pilot automatous flying vehicles. In a quiet corner of Canterbury, a new type of autonomous, electric “flying car” has been secretly tested since October. Its creators hope a flying taxi service could take to the skies in New Zealand within six years. The New Zealand trial is seen as an opportunity for the country and Canterbury to establish itself as a hotbed for the research and development of cutting-edge technology, which the Government sees as a key area for growth (Stuff, March 2018).

Space Technology

In partnership with SpaceBase, Ara Institute of Canterbury and University of Canterbury, ChristchurchNZ has also launched the inaugural NZ Space Challenge to seek innovative technological solutions to solve today’s problems in Antarctica, which can be translated for space missions or other extreme conditions in the future. It is our goal to use these analogue Antarctic challenges to find new and innovative technologies to solve inherent problems today on the ice, which can be used for space missions in the future.