Cheap thrills in Christchurch!

16 Aug Cheap thrills in Christchurch!

Your guide to cheap shopping and services in Christchurch

New Zealand is considered to have one of the best economies in the world, but if you have recently arrived from overseas you might find that some items and services are quite expensive compared to back home. You’ll find that you convert everything to your home currency, and if you come from a country like India, where the INR is weak against NZD, you might be surprised by the cost of things.

But, just as we do, New Zealanders love bargains. In this article, we will look at 3 places or services you can use to make your life easier and more affordable. Food, Clothes and Travel are the basic needs for any students, so let’s not list everything but focus on what you need.

1 Pak ‘n Save: We all need to eat, and while you’re abroad you shouldn’t compromise on your diet. We think the best destination to go for your grocery shopping is your nearest Pak ‘n Save. It the cheapest supermarket in New Zealand and stocks almost every grocery item you’ll need. The store is also famous for it being a buying destination for all the smaller dairy shops around New Zealand, which shows how affordable it is.

There are several other alternatives like New World, Countdown or Super Value but nothing can beat Pak ‘n Save when it comes to bargains. If you live in satellite towns like Lincoln, Rolleston or Prebbleton where there is no Pak ‘n Save, your best alternative might be New World which is owned by the same company as Pak ‘n Save. Although it is more expensive, it always has some good discounts and will save you from traveling into the city.

Personal Tip: Look out for the Brand “Value” or “Pams” when you’re shopping.  They understand that students don’t have deep pockets and hence have made everything affordable.

Find your nearest store at:

2. The Warehouse: “Where everyone gets a Bargain” is the tagline for the largest New Zealand retailer “The Warehouse”.  You name it and they have it. The have a huge range of products inclduing clothes, footwear, kitchen and bedding accessories, entertainment devices, toys, camping items, car accessories and even plants. It is a one stop shop and you might even end up there on a daily basis. They have some specials deals throughout the year and rock bottom prices.

Personal Tip: You will find the brand “Necessities” and “Basics” which are really affordable.

Have a look at weekly mailer or shop online at:

3. Metro Buses (Local Transport): When you first arrive you might think about buying a car. While second-hand cars are actually quite affordable to buy and run in NZ,  it is really important that you take time to learn the road rules as there is exemption for breaking the rules here. You will find yourself with a ticket and fine of around $150 with 30 demerit points if you break any of the road rules. So, unless you are familiar with the system here, your best option might be the local bus service. First things first, get yourself a MetroCard which is available at the bus interchange or at your university too. It makes travelling around the city very affordable. For a normal one way trip, the price for a ticket using the metro card is $2.75 and you can travel free for the next two hours! The MetroCard also allows you to travel for free after 2 full fares in a day to 10 full fares in a week. It might sound expensive but once you get used to the bus services and routes you will feel relaxed and it will make life simple and stress-free.

Personal Tip: Register your MetroCard online and you will be able to track your trips and will also be able to make a top-up online. It also will help you get your money back if your card gets stolen or lost.

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