Changes to NZQA website information about Thailand

16 Aug Changes to NZQA website information about Thailand

NZQA International is updating information about changes in Thailand’s university admission process that affect international students studying NCEA.

This update is needed because of Thai Government changes to university and higher education admissions processes and international equivalency arrangements for all countries that came into effect 16 February 2017.

The update maintains accurate information for international students studying in New Zealand to:

  1. ensure parents, students and agents are fully informed
    about NCEA equivalency arrangements if they plan to return home and enrol
    for tertiary study.
  2. support Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International
    Students (The Code) signatories who are required to provide their
    international students with accurate information.

Updated Thai information on the NZQA website is now live.

or go to the NZQA website and search for “Thailand”.

Study in New Zealand brochure

We  will update you when the new Thai language Study in New Zealand brochure is available.